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God made a promise October 18, 2016

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I’d been having miscarriage-like symptoms for a couple weeks as I neared the end of my first trimester. During a visit to see my doctor I learned that something was happening in my body that “should correct itself.” I was encouraged not to worry, but telling ME not to worry?! Hmmm.

One day in October, 2013, Adam and I decided it was time to make my pregnancy “Facebook official.” Family and close friends had known for weeks, but we’d been keeping the secret long enough. So at the end of my first trimester we were ready to make our news known.

Just minutes before I planned to hit “post” on Facebook I ran to the restroom at work. Imagine my fear when I realized this particular symptom had returned.

Really, God? How can we make this pregnancy known when we don’t even know the outcome? Is everything going to be okay?

I cried silent tears in the bathroom stall.

Your baby will be okay. 

I heard the words so clearly I thought someone had entered the bathroom and actually said them to me.

It didn’t take long to realize Who had whispered those words in my ear.

God spoke to me, as loudly and tenderly as He’s ever spoken to me in all the years I’ve known Him.

I remembered that promise as my difficult pregnancy continued. Whether it was the three fainting spells in December 2013, an ER visit later that month because of extreme swelling, or another ER visit in January for pre-term contractions. Or my water breaking in the middle of the night at the start of my 27th week of gestation.

Little did I know what that promise truly meant until that day and the three weeks of bed rest that followed. In my darkest days while camping out in that hospital room, I recalled that promise from God.

“Your baby will be okay.”

When Andrew was born 10 weeks early with his birth defect, which had never shown up on the MANY ultrasounds I received, I panicked. Talk about SCARED. Adam and I were so scared. Then I remembered God’s promise.

“Your baby will be okay.”

And that promise stayed with me throughout his three-month NICU stay, especially on the hardest days.

“Your baby will be okay.”

Weeks ago Andrew made a piece of artwork at church, complete with his name at the top left, star stickers stuck throughout the blue, rectangular-shaped blue construction paper, and the words “God made a promise” written at the bottom (by a class volunteer). It’s been hanging on our fridge since then and as I’ve looked at the words, “God made a promise,” I’ve thought that could mean various things: God’s promise to never flood the earth again, God’s promise of eternal life through Jesus, etc.

On October 9, the light bulb brightened.

It doesn’t matter what the lesson was that morning in Andrew’s 2 and 3’s class. What matters is that that piece of artwork holds a special meaning for me.

You see, October 9 was the day I planned to make my pregnancy public on Facebook in 2013. Late at night on October 9 this year, I viewed that artwork like I have plenty of times since Andrew brought it home weeks prior. But it didn’t hit me until October 9 what it meant.

“God made a promise.”

“Your baby will be okay.”

You better believe I’m framing this star-studded construction paper artwork. img_0930


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